SOE messages to SOE:

March 2009

At the Earth Conference last July (2008) I shared with my conversation partner that I had just been elected mayor of my small town. True to the hearts and natures of your beautiful souls, many of you expressed support, cheered me on, wrote cards, and prayed for me.

For weeks now I have wanted to let you know that your support has been a strong sustainer, and I have treasured knowing there is a critical and sublime mass of Earth Sisters who truly know what this endeavor is about. It is with a child's delight that I share with you that we now have roadside recycling pick-up. I'd told some of you the dilemma we've faced for a long time here...that the for-profit recycling companies did not think we would be profitable for them and have consistently declined us. We now have a new not-for-profit recycling center in our county, and the director and I have teamed to create a pilot program for small communities. He understands that it is not about profit but about simply doing the right thing. But we ARE designing a program that WILL be profitable for him. We are also stressing that the ideal thing is to put him out of business--that "reduce and reuse" are the better forms of this triad. From this I have been asked to be on the County recycling board.

I can't thank you enough.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2010,
Susan Goldby