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"Women Singing Earth" by Mary Southard

July 17 – 23, 2011
“… fallen in love with solid ground”
David Whyte

SOE Presenters: Mary Lou Dolan, CSJ and Toni Nash, CSJ
Location: White Violet Center for Eco-Justice - St. Mary of the Woods, IN

When we realize we live in a sacred universe, we have to reexamine everything we think and do. What does it look like to think and act in ways of interdependence? How do we go beyond tolerance to valuing and even enhancing differences? What does it look like to treat everything as a subject with psychic presence and self-determination?

These days will provide us with the space to be a learning, reflective-community, to move from knowing about this new relationship with Earth, to living within it, building beautiful, sustainable, mutually enhancing relationships with each being in the Earth community. We will listen, reflect, discuss, wander the land, garden or walk the alpacas, all in harmony with the natural rhythms of the days.

Designed for those who already understand that we live in a spirited world. We will be building on the insights of authors such as Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme.

Cost : $450.00 – meals and housing included
Registration deadline July 2, 2011 No refunds after the 2nd of July
Contact information: Maureen Freeman CSJ
812-535-2930 – mfreeman@spsmw.org

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