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Sisters of Earth was founded in 1994 by several Catholic Sisters from the US and Canada who were engaged in exploring the new cosmology and implications for this emerging worldview. Sisters of Earth is an informal network of women who share a deep concern for the ecological and spiritual crises of our times and who wish to support one another in work toward healing the human spirit and restoring Earth’s life support systems. We are teachers, gardeners, artists, writers, administrators, workshop and retreat presenters, mothers, contemplatives and activists in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and beyond. This network of sharing and support is open to all women whose life and work would identify them as Sisters of Earth. We hold a general meeting every two years in different parts of the USA.

To become a member of the Sisters of Earth network contact Loretta Peters for information.


Watch for a report to come on our:

Sisters of Earth 2016 Conference

July 7-10, 2016

Presentation Center in Los Gatos, CA

Conference Theme:

Zest for Life - Partnering with our Sacred Earth Community

a conference to rekindle and enhance our ZEST FOR LIFE in face of the dark reality facing us

- cultivating hope and tapping into the energy of the Great Turning that is in process

- re-energizing us to be dynamic, constructive, and adventurous

- cooperating with the pull of evolution toward more complex organisms and higher consciousness

- allowing our interactions with others to purify our intentions and synergize the impact of our actions


- enhancing our sense of the sacredness of the Earth and its community of all beings

- cultivating reverence and awe, engaging in protection and restoration as acts of worship

- attending to that which has been desecrated, whose life force has been blocked or eroded

- building the community by taking active steps to strengthen ties and build networks

- investing in others - their needs, hopes, and dreams

a well-integrated conference - the planning committee believes that indigenous wisdom is most likely the closest to true Earth wisdom that we have.

Our special feature:

With women from north to south we are deeply concerned for what is happening to holy mother Earth. Indigenous women, especially in areas like the tar sands of northern Alberta, the uranium mines in New Mexico, and the oil and gold industries in Peru have a unique perspective on how we might partner with the Earth herself to bring about healing.

Our 2016 SOE conference will welcome indigenous women as our leaders in presentation and dialogue toward broader perspectives. Through this experience we imagine building up new, mutually-beneficial partnerships to strengthen our sacred Earth community.

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